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B&A International works for foundations and not-for-profit organizations helping them understand emerging issues in order to develop strategies that enable them to realize their individualized goals.  Our extensive experience ensures that our clients can identify and refine messages that resonate with key audiences using creative, unique, and efficient avenues for message delivery.

Though renowned for our Hispanic opinion research in the U.S., above all B&A International seeks to understand the social currents that are changing societies and countries and to help all types of organizations and individuals master emerging issues and implement innovative strategies.  We specialize in analyzing changes in today’s diverse socio-political and economic environments and offer all of our clients comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research analysis.

The different foundations and NGOs that have worked with B&A International have received accurate and customized research plans to suit their needs.  Through research, B&A International asks the right questions to get the right answers for your institution in order to achieve accurate solutions.

Many of the most well-known U.S. and international foundations rely on B&A International to measure and communicate more strategically and effectively.  We have spent over 25 years conducting studies on a wide variety of domestic and global issues including education, healthcare, the environment, immigration, the media, and multicultural attitudes and opinions.


-ACCIÓN International
-Pew Hispanic Center
-Pepper Foundation
-National Council of La Raza
-School Readiness Coalition
-Haitian Neighborhood Center
-Natural Resources Defense Council
-Citizens for an Independent Judiciary
-Homeownership Alliance
-Pew Wilderness Center
-California Endowment
-American Red Cross
-Ford Foundation
-Foundation for Judicial Independence
-Environmental Accountability Fund
-Citrus Growers Association of America
-New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
-National Campaign to Restore Voting Rights
-Arizona Wilderness Coalition
-California Wild Heritage Campaign
-Dade Community Foundation
-The Children’s Trust
-Annie E. Casey Foundation
-National Immigration Forum
-Democracia USA
-Children Services Council
-Human Rights Campaign
-Miami Museum of Science
-Cuba Study Group
-Hispanics United
-Open Society Institute

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